We most admit that our bodies go through changes and tell the story of our lives: A child, an inspiring weight loss journey, After these changes, the clothes we used to wear just don’t fit quite the same. Then we might feel unattractive somehow and down about our bodies.

BODYBYCHOCO was created for one purpose: a purpose that helps women overcome body image issues, raise self-esteem and be their best selves.

We believe that waist trainers and shapewear isn't about hiding our bodies. Shapewear can be body-positive; it should be body positive. You do not need shapewear to look or feel beauty about yourself, you choose shapewear to flaunt your curves.  As you celebrate your inner beauty through shapewear styles designed to fit ALL women, of ALL shapes and sizes.

Beauty is a source of confidence. When it comes to your body, love the one you're with. Love them, and love our divine inner light, for we are, truly, divinely beautiful. All of us, inside and out, is beautiful, lovable and precious.